The Challenge
Find out the details of your mission!
Download SDK
Getting started by downloading the Java SDK.
Read the Tutorial
The tutorial will give you an overview on all SDK tools. Try to implement and run your first AI.
Upload your AI
Happy about your first version? Get into the game by uploading it.
Lookup your Rank
Now it's time to compare your AI against the others.
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Upload CodeBattle Client

You can upload your client using Maven. There are only 3 steps required to get this done.

  1. First of all you have to put your API key in Maven. It is used for the authentication with the CodeBattle server. Therefore find your local maven settings file:
    • For IntelliJ IDEA: Press CTRL + SHIFT + A enter Maven Settings and select the action Open settings.xml. IntelliJ should directly open the settings.xml and create it, if it does not exist yet.
    • For Eclipse: Open your Eclipse settings (Window > Preferences) and click on Maven > User Settings. Here click in the section "User Settings" on the "open file"-link. Eclipse will open your local Maven settings.xml file.
      If the settings.xml does not exist you have to create an empty settings.xml in the directory. In the example screenshot below the settings.xml file has to be created in the directory c:\Users\username\.m2)
      Close the Eclipse settings and switch to "Source" of the opened file.
  2. Here you have to add the following server configuration.
  3. Afterwards you can run the Upload CodeBattle Client configuration to upload your AI on the server. - You are done!
    You can upload your client as often as you want until the 17th of November 2017 (23:59:59).
    Please consider that your client upload limit is 10.240 kB, including all third party libraries that you use. Maven won't throw an error if your upload file exceeds this, so check your jar size in the target directory of the codebattle SDK.
    In addition you can check your last update date of your client on top of this page.
    Next time you want to upload your client you can simply run the launch configuration.
    The server will queue your client for battle execution against other participants. So you can test how your client performs against the other ones. Check the Game List for how your client performs against the other competitors.